Snake Antivenoms

South African manufactured snakebite antivenoms comprise equine F(ab1)2 antibodies.

Symptoms of snake bite

  • Painful progressive swelling syndrome
  • Progressive weakness syndrome
  • Mixed painful progressive swelling and progressive weakness syndrome
  • Bleeding syndrome

The Antivenoms available are:

* Polyvalent antivenom specific for :

Black mamba, Green mamba, Jameson's mamba, Cape cobra, Snouted cobra, (Egyptian cobra), Forest cobra, Gaboon adder, Mozambique spitting cobra, Puff adder, Rinkhals.

Monovalent boomslang antivenom specific for:

Dispholidus typus

Monovalent Echis antivenom specific for:

Echis carinatus / ocellatus (exotic saw scaled viper)